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We are neighbors working together to save the Sheepford Road Bridge, one of the six historical bridges that crosses Yellow Breeches Creek in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

According to historicbridges.org :

Sheepford Road Bridge (AKA Old Forge Bridge) has a national and local rating of 9 out of 10 in historical significance. It is also technologically distinguished. Built in 1887, it is one of two highly rare and highly historically significant Phoenix column through truss bridges on Yellow Breeches Creek, part of the Pennsylvania Scenic River System. Any bridge that survives today with Phoenix columns is rare and should be given the highest possible preservation priority. The bridge is jointly owned by Cumberland and York Counties who are recommending that the bridge be closed due to its condition. In a public meeting help in November 2016, 48% of attendees voted to rehabilitate the bridge, 20% to replace the bridge, and 9% were in favor of having no bridge. As far as we have been able to ascertain, there had been no other public meetings on the resolution of the bridge until Cumberland County made a presentation at the Lower Allen Township Board Of Commissioner’s meeting on October 28, 2019, in which they “recommended” closing the bridge and placing it for sale on PennDot’s bridge marketing website. This “recommendation” had, in actuality, already been done, ​since the bridge has been listed on that website since at least August. There is conflicting information about whether this bridge is going to be replaced. Currently, there is no plan to replace it and both York and Cumberland Counties say there is no need for a bridge to be there due to their traffic analysis. However, in PennDot metal truss bridge replacement meetings it was said that the bridge would likely be replaced in the long run. With the massive amount of development that is going on in this area it seems likely that the bridge will be replaced, costing more taxpayer money than the cost of rehabilitation of the existing structure.

We will stand up and be heard and hope you will join us!


Here’s the little video we put together…

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